Strong for Womxn

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Our Strong program sessions,

exclusively for Womxn

Our Strong program workouts in a supportive, empowering, and uplifting environment for those who identify as women, trans women, or gender non-binary.  

In our Strong program, you train to take your barbell training and athletic performance to another level. Each session is designed to optimize each of our participant’s progress from one workout to the next.  Our participants train for general fitness, muscle building, powerlifting, and the Sport of Strength & Conditioning. Workouts are run like a team practice, and include heavy lifting, some speed work, and lots of muscle pumping.

There are several coached sessions each week for participants, including some exclusively for womxn, plus additional access to the gym with our 24/7 Access program for off times and extra work. The number of athletes is capped in each session to maximize personal attention and training time. Members have the option of using this program exclusively, or in combination with our Strength & Conditioning and Hustle sessions.

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