2014 Reebok Strength & Conditioning Games Open


2014 Reebok Strength & Conditioning Games Open

The 2014 Reebok Strength & Conditioning Games season is a three stage test of fitness, comprised of the Open, Regionals, and the world championships, the Strength & Conditioning Games.  The 2014 Reebok Strength & Conditioning Games Open starts on February 27th!

Registration has already begun and is just $20 for individuals to compete.  Click here to register.

This year, all CFD athletes who register, complete ALL 5 Open Workouts, AND enter their official scores online as part of Team Courage Fitness Durham, will receive a $20 credit on their membership dues.  Additionally, CFD will cover the entry fee for any individual and our team that qualifies for Regionals in Washington, DC!

This means you have NOTHING to lose by registering for the Open.  It will cost you NOTHING!

The top finishing Male and Female from CFD in the Mid-Atlantic Region at the end of the Open will also receive 3 MONTHS FREE on their membership!

The Open will consist of five workouts over five weeks. Every Thursday, from February 27th through March 27th, an Open Workout will be posted.  Everyone has until the following Monday night to complete the workout and register their scores online.  CFD will be running the Open Workout on Saturday each week and will be prepared to judge and verify scores for our athletes.

Find the Open Rulebook here and Drug Testing Policy here

If you have any questions about participating, talk to Dave or one of the Coaches or email Dave: [email protected]

*Note* To receive reimbursement, athletes must complete all 5 workouts, enter scores as part of Team CF Durham, and be a current member of CFD at the time $20 credit will be issued.