Our Method

We have developed our own unique group fitness methodology we refer to as “The CFD Way”. These sessions are specifically designed to promote your overall health, strength, and longevity, using a combination of workouts we call Condition, Force, and Durability.


Strength Endurance, Time Under Tension, Gymnastics, & Machine Cardio

🔺 Develops overall physical capacity
🔺 Muscle growth and endurance
🔺 Purposeful grind at 80-90% effort


Heavy & Dynamic Lifting, Sprints, Plyometrics

🔺 Develops strength, speed, and power
🔺 Weight training using heavy and fast loads 
🔺 Intervals at 90-100% pace and effort


Aerobic Work, Strength Balance, & Stability

🔺 Develops aerobic capacity and stamina
🔺 Focus on stability and creating strength balance
🔺 Steady work at a sustainable 70-80% pace

How To Optimize

Each week we recommend:

🔺 3-4 “CFD” sessions
🔺 1-2 fun, physical activities outside the gym
🔺 1-2 days off

We understand that schedules and life circumstances differ for everyone. Shoot for a consistent weekly schedule, ideally hitting all three (Condition, Force, Durability) themed sessions each week.  Do this 80%+ of the time and you will see giant benefits.