5-3-1 Back Squat


5-3-1 Back Squat

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10 minutes of EASY rowing (20-25 spm)
Row 1k For Time
Back Squat
As heavy as possible each set

Post Row Time and Back Squat Loads to Comments
Today’s workout comes from the Strength & Conditioning Main Page workout from May 9, 2001.

Row EASY during the warmup.  Work on getting your technique locked in.  Take a short rest, get off the rower, before going for the 1k for time.  

For the Back Squats, warm up with a couple of sets and then go for all out effort for each of the three work sets.  New 1RM?  Ring the bell AND put it on December’s PR Board!

There is no OPEN GYM tonight, but the gym will be open until 7:30. 

Jim Wendler on looking up or down during the squat (a different take from Mark Rippetoe)

Toys and Treats for Tails

Toy & food drive benefiting the animals at the Durham County Animal Shelter

You can drop your donations in the bin at the gym

• Small bite dry food  (Pedigree is our favorite!)
• Ground canned food
• Chews & soft treats
• Hard rubber toys & balls
• Kong/Rhino cones & stuff-a-balls
• Rope toys

• Dry adult and kitten food (Purina One is our favorite!)
• Canned food (Poultry Platter is our favorite!)
• Washable, small plush toys
• Small, plastic balls and jingle toys