What Makes Courage Fitness Different?

Our Mission:

To help people reclaim, maintain, and enhance their physical freedom
so they can live the active life they want and deserve.

We have been serving the downtown Durham community since 2008. In that time, we have helped thousands of people becomes better versions of themselves, getting them out of pain, overcoming injuries, finding confidence they lost or never had, and helping them gain the freedoms that come with being a more fit version of themselves.   

Led by a team with more than 50+ years combined experience in the fitness industry, we recognize that every person, and every body, is unique, so we use a completely individualized approach for each member. There are no templates, no cookie cutter programs, and no one size fits all solutions. Our members develop a practical fitness that improves every facet of their lives outside of the gym. 

We believe everyone deserves the chance to obtain the freedoms that come with increased physical abilities, regardless of their current fitness level, body type or size, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, preferred pronoun, gender identity, occupation, or anything else that makes them unique.

You deserve a place and people that are focused on you

and your individual goals and experiences.

Reclaim Your Physical Freedom

Injury. Pain. Fear. Frustration.

You feel like your best days are behind you. You’ve been trying, but nothing seems to work. We understand how frustrating it feels to not be able to do the things you used to do and love.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We will meet you where you are so you finally have the tools you need to get back to being the person you want to be again. Become the person who can say “yes” again. 

Maintain Your Active Lifestyle

If health and longevity is your top priority, and you want to keep looking and feeling your best year after year, we got you! We will work with you to develop a routine that will ensure you can continue to say “YES” to the active things you love, like mountain biking with your buddies or chasing your kids around the yard.  You will leave every session feeling better than when you came in!

Enhance Your Capabilities

You want to make every year your best year. You want to get better with age. You’re never struggling to keep up. They’re all trying to keep up with you. Top finisher at the obstacle course race. Leading your rec league in scoring. Top performer at the tennis tourney. Going on the adventure hike of a lifetime. Your work here with us gets you to the top of the mountain.  

If you are tired of dealing with injury, pain, or just the frustration that comes with not being at your physical best, we invite you to let us help you regain the lost freedoms you deserve!