Bosom Buddies


Bosom Buddies

CFD will host an in house Olympic Weightlifting Meet

for our athletes on Saturday, June 15th! 

Details here

WOD for Saturday 050413 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Warmup (to be completed on your own BEFORE class starts):
3 Rounds of CF Warmup – 10 pass throughs, 10 OHS, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 pullups

Make up any missed strength segment from the past week

AMRAP in 20 minutes with a partner:
(partners alternate each minute picking up where the other left off)
30 Wall Balls (20/14 – all to 10′ target)
20 Double Unders
10 KB Snatch (52/35 – alternating arms)

Post Strength Loads and Workout Rounds to Comments
For the strength segment, you have 25 minutes to make up a strength segment that you missed from this previous week

For the strength segment, follow the warmup progression and then complete just 2 Snatch singles at 90% 1RM.  Rest 3-4 minutes between attempts at 85 and 90%.  You’re working towards the higher end of your capacity, but you are still working below 1RM capacity. Shouldn’t be many misses here.  

Complete the conditioning workout with a partner.  Both are shooting to the 10′ Wall Ball target (red line).  Sub parallette jumps for DUs if you can’t do them consistently.  Note: You are alternating arms with EACH KB Snatch.  That will likely require a swing in between each Snatch.  You can also try them holding two KBs and snatching just one at a time (see video below).

COMMUNITY WORKOUT today at 11am!  Bring your friends to see what Strength & Conditioning is all about!

There is NO MOBILITY WORKOUT this morning!

OPEN GYM from 11-1:30pm today!

KB Snatch – alternating hands