CFD Competition WOD Group


CFD Competition WOD Group

Courage Fitness Durham will begin offering an extra high intensity ‘Competition Workout’ every Friday evening at 7pm starting Friday, May 10th.

This class is for intermediate to advanced Strength & Conditioningters who are interested in joining a group for a competitive and fun workout. This will not be focused on specific strength goals or catered to meet endurance objectives. The purpose is to expose athletes to some of the tougher workouts they may face during Strength & Conditioning-style competitions.

Workouts will be led by Coach Elise, but she will not be Coaching as in regular WODs.  All participants should need little to no instruction on the basic Strength & Conditioning movements and skills and should be able to complete our regular daily WODs as RX’d.

Participants can expect Strength & Conditioning Benchmark WODs, Hero WODs, Open WODs, and previous WODs from the Strength & Conditioning Games. This is not Open Gym time.  All attendees will be expected to complete the workout posted as RX’d.

Everyone interested in participating MUST email Coach Elise at [email protected] to be approved.  Local Triangle Strength & Conditioningters are also welcome to attend these sessions!  Email Elise with any questions.

See you beginning Friday May 10th!