CFD workout for 06/04/20


CFD workout for 06/04/20

Warm Up:

6 minutes moving through the following movements SLOWLY:

10 Squat Rotations (R/L=2)

-In a squat, reach one arm up to ceiling in rotational movement, then switch.

5 Up dog into Down dog

10 Grasshoppers each leg

10 Inch Worms (no push-up)

10 Air Squats

10 Bend and reach


-Choose 1 movement based on equipment available-
Every 2 mins x 5-6 sets:
-8-12/ea SIngle Arm Row with 2 sec pause @ top
-20-30 Banded Bent Over Rows
-3-10 pullups/chinups

*Pick ONE of the listed movements


5 Rounds for Time (16 Min Cap)
21 KBS
15 Burpees
9 Taters (or Goblet Squats)