CFD Workout for 06/25/20


CFD Workout for 06/25/20

Warm Up:

2 Rounds:

3 Inchworm + 2 Knee Pushups 

10 Alt. Cobra Twists

20 alt. Down Dog Calf Pulses

5 reps of Sumo Stance “Triple Touch”

-touch right foot, left foot, and then middle before standing up. That equals 1 rep-


“Romanian Deadlift Marathon sets”

Every 4 Mins x 3 sets

10 Reps of the following stances:

Close (feet 1-2 inches apart)

Hip width

Shoulder width

Sumo (hands between legs)

*Yes, 40 reps per set.. try not to put the weights down!


Every 3 Mins x 3 sets

8 Double Pushup Burpees

35 Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope


20 alt. SLOW Iron Cross Leg Twists (lying on your back)

3:00 of Clean yo Stuff!