CFD workout for 10/31/2020


CFD workout for 10/31/2020

Warm Up:

10 each:

Wrist Circles (each way)

Elbow Circles

Shoulder Shrugs

-PVC Standing Lat Stretch x 20 secs with each arm on top-

With a PVC Pipe:

10  Passthoughs

10 Supinated Passthroughs

10 Strict Press with 2 sec pause overhead

10 Push Press with 2 sec pause

10 Push Jerks with 2 Sec pause

With empty bar or 2 DB

5 Hang Clean and Jerks from:

Power Position

Above Knee

Below Knee

*Pause in catch of clean and in catch of jerk for at least 1 sec on each rep*


Every 4:00 x 4 sets:

Row 400-500m/Bike 20-30 cals/Run 300-400m

5-10 Clean and Jerks

Suggested Weights:

1st Round: 50%

2nd: 60%

3rd: 70%

4th: 75%