CFD workout for 7/29/2020


CFD workout for 7/29/2020

Warm up:

6 minute AMRAP for quality:

-6 Calorie Row/Bike, 100m jog

-12 alternating shoulder taps

-20 Lateral Hops

-8 empty bar or light DB strict press

-6 step in/out burpees

Build: Shoulders

EMOTM x 12 Mins:

Evens: 8 Push Press with a 3 sec negative

Odds: 50 Double Unders or Jumping Jacks


Every 4 mins x 3 sets

20 Hang Power Cleans

20 Burpees over Weight

Max cals on rower/bike/Run

*If running, choose 400 or 200 m and try to complete that in the interval. 

If you finish the run early you can rest


1:00 Childs pose

10 arm circles forward

10 arm circles back