CFD workout for 8/1/2020


CFD workout for 8/1/2020

Warm up:

2 Rounds:

-5/5 Shoulder taps

-10 alternating Down Dog toe touches 

-10 Hollow Rocks or :10-15 second Hold

-10 alternating Marching Glute Bridges

2 Rounds

-10 alternating twisted crosses (prone)

-5 Knee Push-ups (wide stance)

-10 Tuck-ups

-10 Air Kang Squats


EMOTM x 8 Mins

Evens: 10-15 Floor Press

Odds: 10-15 Bent Over Rows


21-15-9 (9 Min Cap)

Toes 2 Bar or V Ups

Power Snatch

*You should be able to do the set of 21 in 3 sets or less… no singles.. if you have to do singles, the bar is too heavy.

*Sub toes to bar for 30-20-10 V ups

*Sub DB Snatch @ 30-20-10 alt. reps


10 each worlds greatest stretch twists

:30 wrist forearm stretch

Order something from a local business downtown!