CFD workout for 8/14/2020


CFD workout for 8/14/2020

Warm up:

1 Round:

:30 Second/leg Grasshopper lunge

:45-60 seconds frog stretch

Supine ankle rotations (Lie on your back, raise your legs slightly and “write” out the alphabet with your feet)

6 minute AMRAP for Quality:

10 Jumping Jacks

10 alternating lunges w/sampson stretch

10 rocket jumps

5 air squats

20 squat pulses


10 Rounds: (18 Min Cap)

25 Double Unders or Jumping Jacks

6 Lungesters

*Pick a weight you can do unbroken for at least 6 rounds

*Lungester = R-Leg Lunge + L leg Lunge + Thruster

*Barbell or DB’s, up to you today


1:00 each Quad Smash

1:00 Standing forward fold