CFD workout for 9/2/2020


CFD workout for 9/2/2020

Warm up:

3 Rounds

:20 Front Leaning Rest

:20 Knee Push-ups

:20 Alternating single arm swings

Rest :30


Every 3:00 x 5 sets:

25 Russian KBS

9 Strict HSPU/Pike Pushups on box/Tricep Pushups

9 Strict Pull ups/Ring Rows or KB Row *

Scale Pull up number so that you can complete it in 2-3 sets (no singles)

-No Bands, if you cannot yet do a strict pull up do 9 ring rows with a 2 sec pause at the top and bottom.

*On the KB Row- Single Arm using a 2122 Tempo

-2 sec lower, 1 sec pause, 2 sec up, 2 sec pause

-Use the same weight for your rows as you do for your swings

Core Cashout: (5 mins)

100 Medball Russian Twists (20/14) in as few sets as possible 


1:00 standing forward fold

Wrist Stretching

10 alt. Cobra twists