CFD workout for 9/8/2020


CFD workout for 9/8/2020

Warm up:

2 Rounds:

-12 Alternating Lunge w/twist

-10 alt. Squat Rotation

-:30 second Plank hold

2 Rounds:

-5/5 Bird Dogs

-5/5 Fire Hydrants

-10 Cat/Cow iterations

Build: Tempo Front Squat:

Every 3:00 x 4 sets:

8 Front Squats with a 33X3 Tempo

A full set takes close to 90 seconds.. choose a weight you can maintain all 10 reps with..

If using DB you may place only the back heads of the DB on your shoulders.. no funky stuff.


10 Min AMRAP:

10 alt. DB Suitcase Lunges (2 DB’s)

10 DB Power Cleans (2 DB’s)

50 Double unders, single under, or Jumping Jacks

12 Alt. Lunges

12 DB Power Cleans

50 Double Unders, single under or jumping jacks


*Increase lunges and Power Cleans by 2 reps each round. 

*Score is total reps completed…

You should be able to get at least in to the round of 18


2:00 easy cardio

:30 of saddle pose