Strength & Conditioning workout for 03/21/20


Strength & Conditioning workout for 03/21/20

Whiteboard Brief:

With a Partner!

*If you are working out solo cut all the reps in half

For time.. Split However…

100 SA DB Clean and Jerks for Time (13 Min Cap) (each teammate has their own DB)

Every 25 reps… complete 30 Airsquats each

*1 Partner works at a time on the DB Clean and Jerks

*Solo= Every 12 reps do 20 airsquats

rest 3:00

15 Min AMRAP…. Splitting as needed (1 partner works at a time)

80 Alt. Goblet DB Lunges

60 Alt. Hang DB Snatch

40 Single Arm Devil’s Press

20 Updowns

rest 3:00

6 Min AMRAP:

“You Go, I Go Style.. alt full rounds”

10 Goblet 1+1/14 Squats

20 Foot HS/Seal Walk/Tall Butt Bear Crawl