Strength & Conditioning workout for 1/20/20


Strength & Conditioning workout for 1/20/20

Strength: Back Squat:

Every 3:00 x 3 sets

3 HEAVY Reps (not a max set, but you should really have to focus on what you’re doing each rep)

Good Morning/Calf Raise

Every 3:00 x 2 sets

8 Good mornings

12 weighted calf raise/side


For Time… (12 Min Cap)


Power Cleans

Bar Facing Burpees

*I intentionally made all of these weights on the lighter side… nobody cares how heavy you go on this one… we just wanna know who can hold on and turn up the jets!!!

Comp: 115/75, BFB

Fitness: 95/65, BFB

GPP: 75/55, Lateral Burpees

Health: 45/35, Burpees