Strength & Conditioning workout for 2/1/20


Strength & Conditioning workout for 2/1/20

With a Partner!

On a 33 minute running Clock….

Partner Road Runner “DT”

EMOTM x 12 Mins (5 rds of each station) *See note below


Even minutes: P1 runs 200 M

P2 completes 1 full round of “DT”

Odd Minutes : Switch

10:00-12:00: Penalty burpees (1 partner works at a time)

-1 Round of DT:

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Shoulder 2 Overhead-

*Choose your weights wisely*

*For every rep of a round of DT not completed inside the minute your team will complete that # of Bar Facing Burpees from Min 10-12*

Score is the weight your team chooses to complete the workout at – penalty burpees

*So if Waylon and Jennings perform the workout at 155lbs, but Waylon consistently only gets 3 S2OH each round.. their team owes 15 burpees (3 S2OH reps short x 5 rounds = 15 Burpees).. their score is 140lbs.

-From 15:00- 22:00-

150 Alt. DB Snatches (1 partner works at a time)

EMOTM (including 0:00):

1 Partner must complete 30 Double Unders

*Double Unders will be scaled to lateral hops over the barbell today.. NO SINGLES

Comp: 70/50

Fitness: 50/35

GPP: 40/30

Health: 25/20

-From 25:00- 33:00-

Establish a 1RM Thruster (From the floor)

*Every time you change weights 1 partner must perform 8 Wallballs before anyone can attempt a lift. You may start with your bar loaded, but you are not allowed to perform any thrusters until the 25:00 mark.

Comp: 30/20

Fitness: 20/14

GPP: 16/12

Health: 10/6