Downtown Lunging


Downtown Lunging

We’re hosting the 4th Annual Carolina Fitness Challenge this Saturday!

We’ll be doing some set up in the gym and building on Friday evening from 5-9pm.  Stop by before or after your WOD if you can!

The gym is CLOSED for WODs and other training on Saturday!

WOD for Thursday 011013 Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Hang Clean – 85%        
Clean & Jerk – 85% 
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
30 Overhead Walking Lunges – 15/each leg  (45/35)
10 Ring Pushups

Post Clean Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, first perform 5 sets of double rep Hang Cleans from above the knee at roughly 85% of your full Clean 1RM.  Once you’ve completed these sets, keep the same load perform 8 reps of a Clean and Jerk from the floor.  Receive the bar in a full front squat on all reps. These are for technique, rather than for PRs.  In fact, you should not be missing many reps due to heavy load.  Rest roughly 1-2 minutes between attempts. 

For the conditioning workout, hold the plate with both arms fully locked out overhead.  Back knee should make contact with the floor.  Be sure to take a big step with the front foot and plant your heel on the floor.  Knee should not go too far past the toe, if at all.

Check out these variations of the Walking Lunge – try one on today’s WOD