GI Janey


GI Janey

New Bootcamps begin on July 26th!

Tactical Strength Challenge
THIS SATURDAY! — More info

WOD for Friday 072310 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Warmup:  3 reps @40/50/60/75% 1RM
Work:  3 sets of 3 reps @85% 1RM
Finish with 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps on the Reverse Hyper before the Metcon WOD
For Max Reps:
3 Minutes Burpee Pullups

Rest 90 seconds
2 Minutes Burpee Pullups
Rest 90 Seconds
1 Minute Burpee Pullups

Post Snatch Loads and Metcon Reps to Comments 
For the strength segment, you will do four warmup sets for the Snatch followed by 3 work sets at 85% 1RM.  Use common sense and good judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  All reps should be received in a full overhead squat.         

There is NO OPEN GYM tonight!

The use of chalk is getting a bit out of hand.  A little goes a LONG way. 
Please —
Keep the chalk in the bucket!
Wipe it off your kettlebells!
Wipe it off the pullup bar you use!
Wipe it off your barbell!
Wipe up your sweat angels!

There should not be piles of chalk or puddles of “chalk mud” all over the floor.  Help from everyone is appreciated to take good care of the gym and our equipment and respect your fellow athletes by not making them have to WOD in your mess.  There are wipes, and spray bottles by the water fountain and by the stereo.  Please use them.   

Bootcamps – Starting July 26th
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @6:15am)
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @7:15am)
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @6:00pm)
Weight Loss Bootcamp (M/W/F @7:00pm)

Upcoming Events
Tactical Strength Challenge — Saturday, July 24th
SMR Coaches Clinic – Sat/Sun, August 21/22
Fight Gone Bad 5 – Sat, September 25
Pendlay Olympic Seminar – Saturday, October 16th — Only 10 spots left!