How to Join

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Professional Coaching That Determines The Best For YOU!


Start out, either over the phone or in person, talking with a member of our professional team.  Whether your goal is to get out of pain, feel fit and healthy, or get stronger to tackle the demands of your daily life, our goal is to understand what success means for you. We believe that you have individual needs and specific goals.  So, starting with us is ALWAYS individualized to you!


🔺 Spend time with your coach discussing your exercise and injury history, your specific needs, and your specific goals
🔺 Assess movement patterns, ranges of motion, strength balances, and skill level
🔺 Finally have a clear plan for how to reach your goals

Step 2

🔺 Personally tailored series of 1-on-1 training sessions with your coach based on YOUR needs
🔺 Individualized nutrition and lifestyle habit plan
🔺 Designed to maximize your confidence, competence, and progress out of the gate
🔺 Begin taking action on the plan to help you reach your goals

Step 3

🔺 Develop autonomy and enhance your foundation for a more resilient mind and body  
🔺 Continue with appropriate number of 1:1 in person sessions, individual programming, and group sessions as determined in consultation with your coach
🔺 Make needed adjustments to your nutrition & lifestyle plan to maximize your continued results
🔺 24/7 gym access to complete your individualized programming

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