It’s Sumo Time


It’s Sumo Time

CFD is sponsoring the Running of the Bulls 8K TOMORROW morning! 

Volunteers needed to help with our water station from 6:30-7:45am at the corner of Geer and Washington St. 

Please email [email protected] if you can be there!

WOD for Friday 053113 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Warmup (to be completed on your own BEFORE class starts):
3 Rounds of CF Warmup – 10 pass throughs, 10 OHS, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 pullups

EMOM for 8 minutes:
1st Position Hang Power Clean
1 Split Jerk
1 Split Press (from the front)
Use 35% of Clean 1RM

Sumo Deadlift
5 reps @55%
3 reps @65%
3 reps @75%
3 sets of 2 reps @85% 1RM

10 Front Squats (30% of 1RM Back Squat)
10 Good Mornings
10 Back Extensions

Post Sumo Deadlift Loads and Workout Loads to Comments
Complete the Strength & Conditioning Warmup for 3 rounds BEFORE class begins. For the skill segment, watch the video below of Coach Ryan.  Perform each cycle of three movements every minute on the minute for 8 minutes.  This is light and for technique.  Don’t rush.  A minute is a long time to complete all 3 movements and recover.  If you find 35% too heavy, then drop it down.  

For the strength segment, for the Press follow the reps and % progression up to 3 sets of 2 reps at 85% 1RM.  You can work quickly through the warmups, but rest roughly 3-4 minutes between the 3 work sets.  Work with at least 1-2 other people on your bench.  This will keep you from working too fast.  These are going to be pretty heavy.

The conditioning workout is NOT FOR TIME today but it should take between 15-20 minutes.  Keep the weight fairly light and use the same bar for the Front Squats and Good Mornings.  You should move immediately from one movement to the next and rest just about a minute between rounds.  If you’re working with a partner or two, the time it takes for your partner to complete his/her round will be enough rest.  If you find that it’s not enough, then you need to lower the load!

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Coach Ryan demos today’s Clean/Jerk skill work