John Hite – Bootcamper


John Hite – Bootcamper

john-hite-4-275x300Bootcamper Since April 2013

How would you describe your previous athletic background before Strength & Conditioning? What were you doing for exercise before Courage Fitness Durham?
I grew up playing soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis.  Some of that bled over into college where I picked up raquetball, which became my sport of choice for a number of years.  However, for the last decade, I’ve not done much of anything athletic…nothing you’d really call exercise.

What made you want to give Strength & Conditioning a try?
I have been overweight and sedentary for way too long and was dealing with the normal things that go along with that – knee issues, neck issues, trouble sleeping, increasing blood pressure and cholesterol…buying ever increasing sizes of clothes.  I finally got sick of feeling sick and and tired and I knew I had to do something.  I always enjoyed organized sports much more than any of my stints at traditional gyms and after watching the folks at CFD for awhile, normally from across the street at Motorco with a beer in my hand) I did some reading and thought, “hey, maybe it’s time to give something different a try.”

What impact has Strength & Conditioning had on your life?
A TREMENDOUS IMPACT!  In two, 8 week Bootcamp sessions, I’ve lost 50lbs, inches all over the place, and built up muscle.  I’m sleeping much better, my blood pressure and cholesterol went from a level needing medication to being completely normal and I’ve got a TON of ENERGY!  I’ve also     changed my eating habit – a true change in what and how I eat – and signing up for Bootcamp as the main motivation for these changes, as well.

john-hite-3-167x300How would you describe Strength & Conditioning to someone that had never heard of it before?

I get asked all the time how I’ve accomplished such great results and the words I use to describe Strength & Conditioning are hard, but not too hard, fun, and motivational.  It’s not the same boring thing all the time – as traditional gyms and workouts seem to be.

What changes have you seen in your body since starting Bootcamp?
50lbs lighter.  5 inches lost on my waist.  Firmed up, toned up, built up muscle.

What is your favorite movement?
Anything but burpees ;).  Honestly, though, any well planned out Tabata routine – something that hits all of the major muscle groups without over taxing any single one.  I love to push it to the point of muscle failure with those.  Really, though, anything but burpees.

What advice would you offer to others thinking about training at Courage Fitness Durham?
Give it a try!  Hang in there for more than the first 3 classes and you’ll start to see/feel a difference.

“When I started this journey back in March of last year, I set what I thought was a pretty lofty goal of getting myself down to 220 pounds.  I thought that was pretty aggressive and wasn’t sure if I could make it… but meeting that goal would mean that I would have to shed 90 pounds and would end up at a weight that I haven’t seen in about 20 years.

In 9.5 months since starting Strength & Conditioning Bootcamps I’ve accomplished the following changes:
Weight:  310 to 220
Upper Thighs:  29.5 to 25
Lower Thighs:  23.5 to 20.5
Calves:  18.5 to 15.75
Waist:  55 to 38.5 (measured 1 inch above belly button)
Chest:  54 to 46.5
Biceps: 18 to 15
BMI:  38.8 to 27.6 (although I don’t put any stock in BMI)
I have to add that in addition to Strength & Conditioning I started biking (road and mountain) about six months ago and ride quite a bit and i’ve lately started running.  Both of those have helped contribute to my success but I really give most of the credit to the Strength & Conditioning Bootcamps.
Thanks, Dave, for making Courage Fitness Durham available and many, many thanks to Greg for being the best coach ever!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.”