Kettlebells Galore


Kettlebells Galore

CFD is hosting the CF Gymnastics Certification today. 

There is NO OPEN GYM!

Meet in the big room for WODs at 10 and 11am.

WOD for Sunday 051213
Warmup (to be completed on your own BEFORE class starts):
Jog 800m – Perform 5 Burpees every 100m

Part 1: 
Pushup Ladder
Partners working together, one person working at a time, each person does 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then starts again from 1. Do this 10 times – gives you 100 pushups each person
(You may do this on your own without a partner)
1-4 x 10
Take 5 minutes to get ready for Part 2….

Part 2:
KBs Galore! 
Partners working together, split up all the KB work – each partner does every run!
(you can do this workout on your own by cutting all of the KB reps in half)
100 Kb Up and Downs
Run 200m
100 Alternating KB Press (50 each side)
Run 200m
100 Russian KB Swings – single arm, alternating
200m row
100 Single arm KB row
Run 200m
100 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with KB
Run 200m

Part 3: [Cash out]
KB Side Bends
Opposite hand behind head. 25 each side each person

Post Workout Time to Comments

We are putting together new PR/Ranking Boards!
Please send the following info to Coach Bea ([email protected]):
– your most recent 1RMs for all of your lifts (squat, press, deadlift, clean, snatch, etc)
– your most recent score on any Benchmark WOD you’ve done (don’t worry, we have several more of these coming in the next few weeks too).