Let the Preparations Begin!


Let the Preparations Begin!

The 2012 Look Better Naked Challenge starts Sunday!

Squat Clinic with Coach Stew – Next Sunday, 12-2pm!

WOD for Monday 010912Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Front Squat
7 Rounds For Time:
7 Ball Slams
7 Burpees

Post Front Squat Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of 3 rep Front Squats.  Work as heavy as possible.

For the conditioning workout, use the heaviest Slam Ball you can handle.  For the burpees, jump to a height 6″ above your standing reach.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!
Rest 3:00 between rounds
Hold splits within 3 seconds
For every split outside (+or-) of that 3 second window, 15 burpee penalty at the end of the workout

You have one week to prepare for the Look Better Naked Challenge!  Here’s some tips to clean out your kitchen!