Life Support


Life Support

Caleb Ward will be here in TWO DAYS! 

There are just 4 spots left for this day long seminar…and it’s only $100!

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WOD for Thursday 021612Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Ring Supports/Ring Dips
Practice stabilizing on the rings in various positions and for varying amounts of time.
For Time:
Run 200m
20 Ring Pushups
20 Walking Lunges
Run 400m
20 Ring Pushups
20 Walking Lunges
Run 800m
20 Ring Pushups
20 Walking Lunges

Post Jerk Loads and Workout Load to Comments
For the skill segment, you are going to practice a multitude of stabilizing positions on the Rings…the top of a ring dip, the bottom, hands neutral, hands turned out.  Practice each static position for 3, 5, and 10 second holds, first with hands neutral, then with a turnout.  Then perform sets of 5 Ring Dips pausing in both the top and bottom positions for 3, 5, and 10 seconds.

For the conditioning workout, arrange the rings and your feet so your body is completely parallel to the the floor for the pushups.  Anything above a parallel body position will be considered “scaled”.  The walking lunges are 20 reps total, not per leg.  If you want to scale those up, try holding a KB in the goblet (under the chin) position while you’re lunging.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Caleb Ward is coming Saturday!  Don’t miss the chance to train with this guy!