WOD for Sunday 032413 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Warmup (to be completed on your own BEFORE class starts):
3 Rounds of CF Warmup – 10 pass throughs, 10 OHS, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 pullups

Make up any missed strength segment from the past week

“Partner “”Maltz””:                                         
400m run
50 Pull-ups
100 meter Firemen’s Carry or 200 meter Farmer’s walk (50 lb. Dumbbell for men, 25 lb. Dumbbell for women)
50 Dips
100 Pushups
50 knees-to-elbows
100 Sit-ups, feet anchored
400m run

Post Snatch Loads and Sprint Times to Comments
For the strength segment, you have 25 minutes to make up a strength segment that you missed from this previous week. 

For the conditioning workout, partner up and split the workload in half, with only one partner working at a time.  You can also complete a “half” Maltz or a full one on your own if you choose.      

MSgt Michael H. Maltz
19 September 1960 – 23 March 2003