Max Repped


Max Repped

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WOD for Monday 082712Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Clean Pulls
5 sets of 2 reps at 100% 1RM
8-10 reps at 80% 1RM
5 Rounds NOT For Time:
Max Rep Handstand Pushups
Max Rep Pullups (deadhang or kipping)

Post Clean Loads and Workout Reps to Comments
For the strength segment, first perform 5 sets of double rep Clean pulls from the floor.  These should be heavy…like your 1RM clean.  You are only pulling the bar off the floor with your hips, not your arms, and do not need to pull under the bar.  Once you’ve completed these sets, lower the load to 80% 1RM and perform 8-10 reps of a full Clean.  This is more for technique than for PRs.  In fact, you should not be missing many reps due to heavy load.  Work technique from the floor and receive the bar in a full front squat and “grease the groove.”  Rest roughly 1 minute between attempts.  If you do happen to get a PR, make sure you post it on the PR Board!

Note that the conditioning workout is NOT FOR TIME.  You should be going for max reps on each movement.  Rest as needed between movements and rounds.  You may deadhang or kip for the pullups.  Be easy on your hands though.  There’s NO REASON to tear your hands today…we’re just training.

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2012 69kg Olympic Champion Lin Qing Feng doing Fast Clean Pulls
(Try watching in slo mo.  At regular speed it looks like he’s pulling his arms up.  In slo-mo, you’ll see that his arms bend as he actually begins to drop under the bar)