Plyo Pushed


Plyo Pushed

Strength & Conditioning Total is coming on August 17th!  Have you signed up yet?

Competitive in style, but just for fun.  Seriously, what is there to lose?

WOD for Wednesday 080813 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Warmup (to be completed on your own BEFORE class starts): 
3 Rounds of CF Warmup – 10 pass throughs, 10 OHS, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 pullups

L-Sit Drill: 1 Warmup Round: Hold L-Sit for 40% of max hold Rest 1 minute

Then 4 Rounds: Hold L-sit for 60% of max hold Rest 1 minute between rounds

Scale as follows: V-sit on floor with tuck>V-sit on floor with knee extended>L-sit on paralettes with tight tuck (Hip angle <90 degrees)> L-sit on P. with loose tuck (Hip angle @ 90 degrees, knee bent)> L-sit on P. with full knee extension>L-sit on rings.

Choose a modification that allows for a “max hold” of 20-30 seconds.

3 singles @70%  
3 singles @75%
2 singles @80% 
2 singles @85%

AMRAP in 9 minutes:
8 Plyo Pushups onto plate (45/25)
OH Carry Down and Back (end to end of rig)
20 Air Squats

Post Clean Loads and Workout Rounds Completed to Comments
Complete the 3 Rounds of the Strength & Conditioning Warmup before class begins.  For the skill segment, follow the sequence to work on your L-Sits.  Use the progression that allows for a max hold of 20-30 seconds.  Note that you will be working in sets shorter than that…60% of your max hold time.

For the strength segment, follow the warmup progression and then complete 2 singles at 85% 1RM.  Rest 2-3 minutes between work sets. Work relatively quickly through the three warmup sets so you can maximize rest time during the 3 work sets.  Receive the bar in a full front squat. 

For the conditioning workout, the plyo pushups are done by “bouncing” over the top a plate for each rep (ie, complete one rep on the left side of the plate with one hand on the floor and the other on the plate.  Do your pushup and then bounce over the top to the right side of the plate with your hands in the opposite position.)  Use the same plate carried straight overhead from end to end of the pullup rig.  You can scale this workout up by doing overhead walking lunges down the length of the rig and holding the plate tight to your chest during the air squats.

Coach Ryan on today’s L-Sit Bar Skill Segment