Push Balls


Push Balls

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Knees to Elbows or Toes to Bar                
50 STRICT Reps
For Time:
20 Push Balls (20/14)
20 Pullups
20 Push Balls
15 Pullups
20 Push Balls
10 Pullups
20 Push Balls
5 Pullups

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For the strength segment, once you’ve warmed up and figured out the appropriate scaling option, perform 50 super strict KTE or T2B.  Break these up however you need to.  Do NOT kip.  Focus on and make your core do the work.

For the conditioning workout, a pushball is done just like a wall ball, but you do not perform a full squat. Do a dip just like a push press. The pullups are kipping RXd, but scale up to deadhangs if you choose.

Strict Knees to Elbows

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