Seagram’s Seven


Seagram’s Seven

Congratulations To Everyone Who Competed In
The Durham Indoor Rowing Trials!

Results here

Saturday, April 3rd, 9am-Noon

We’re giving you ONE MONTH FREE when you
refer a friend to our Foundations Class beginning March 30th!

WOD for Monday 032210 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Back Squat
Warm up 
2 sets Max Reps @ Bodyweight
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
7 Medicine Ball Cleans (20/12)
7 Ring Dips

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Today’s strength segment is designed to train strength and muscle stamina.  Use spotters for both work sets to ensure you can get as close to failure as possible.  If you’re unsure about your technique or ability to perform a given set safely at bodyweight, then use common sense and good judgement.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  

ENDURANCE WOD today at 6pm! 
2 Rounds:
3x1min, Rest 30sec between intervals
2x2min, Rest 45sec between intervals
1x3min, Rest 2min, Repeat Set.
Run: 5 K

Strength & Conditioning Total — Saturday, April 3rd — FREE for all members
Womens Self Defense Seminar — Saturday, April 24th
 Whole9 Nutrition Workshop — Thursday, May 6th

Upcoming FOUNDATIONS Classes
Starting March 30th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
Starting April 20th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Bootcamps – Starting April 12th
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @ 6:15am)
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @ 7:15am)
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Weight Loss Bootcamp (M/W/F @ 7:00pm)

The Courage Fitness Durham Crew at DIRT!