Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk

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The Carolina Fitness Challenge is Saturday – 170 competitors and up to 500 total attendees! 

We need to get the big room and the gym ready on Friday evening from about 5-8pm. 

Please come help pre-, post-, or in lieu of your Friday night WOD!

WOD for Thursday 120811Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Power Clean

Every 30 seconds for 8 minutes:
Perform 1 Power Clean (70% of heaviest load from strength segment)
5 Ball Slams (30/20)

Post Power Clean Loads for both segments to Comments
For the strength segment, perform single rep Power Cleans.

For the conditioning workout, you have to work fast 🙂  For the power clean, use 70% of the heaviest rep you did in today’s strength segment.  Remember for Ball Slams, you should catch the ball on the “bounce” in order for the rep to count.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm with Coach Allison!

Rippetoe Coaching the Power Clean