Somethin New


Somethin New

Our new Barbell Basics Course starts TONIGHT! 

More info here.  Just a couple of spots left!

WOD for Wednesday 051612Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Floor Press – medium grip
Establish 1RM
3 Rounds For Time:
21 Wall Ball (20/14)
21 Toes To Bar
Then, Run 800m (only once at the end)
Rear Delt Band Pull Aparts (video)
100 total (across 2-4 sets)

Post Floor Press Loads and Workout Time to Comments
The Floor Press is a new move for us, but very similar to the Bench Press.  Make sure you watch the video below.  Be sure you have a spotter to help you take the bar from the rack and return it when you’re done.  We want to establish a 1RM for today, but do not go to failure this first time out.  We will be doing these more regularly over the coming weeks/months.  Use the first few minutes to practice and get comfortable.  Do NOT go to failure!

For the conditioning workout, everyone’s target for Wall Ball is the blue line.  You are completing three rounds of wall ball and toes to bar and then immediately running 800m. 

After you’ve caught your breath from the WOD, grab a light band (most likely a purple or red) and perform a total of 100 band pull aparts.  You should be able to do this across 2-4 sets (25-50 reps each).  These are going to sting a little.

World Record Bench Presser, Laura Phelps-Sweatt, Floor Pressing w/Chains!