Sunday Fun Day


Sunday Fun Day

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WOD for Sunday 112512 Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Front Squat – 85% 1RM              
For Time:
21 -15-9 Deadlift (1 ¼ bodyweight)
40-30-20 Double Unders
21-15-9 Burpees

Post Front Squat Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, after warming up perform 5 sets of 3 rep Front Squats at 85% 1RM.  These should be very pretty heavy.  You can take the bar from the rack each set.  Keep your elbows up nice and high and squat below parallel.  Make sure you take good rest between these work sets (2-3 minutes).  If you get a PR, be sure to put it up on the board!

For the conditioning workout, Deadlift load is 1 1/4 bodyweight…or use 60% 1RM if you need to scale.  Sub parallette jumps for Double Unders.

500lb Front Squats Made to Look Easy