Superman to Hollowman


Superman to Hollowman

Durham Indoor Rowing Trials – February 27th! 
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WOD for Friday 012811  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Supermans To Hollow Rocks
50 Strict Reps
How to here
More on Hollow Rocks here
5 Rounds For Time:
20 Double Unders

25 Abmat Situps
30 KB Swings (52/35)

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For the strength segment, perform 50 strict Supermans to Hollow Rocks.  Rep 50 should look as solid as Rep 1 AND have the same ROM.  You should be able to hold yourself in each position.  From your stomach “superman” position, maintain a tight core and SLOWLY roll over to your back in a Hollow Rock and back.  This is one rep.  Do not do these quickly.  Maintain tight body positioning throughout each rep!       

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-8pm!  Make up a missed WOD or work on your lifts!    

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Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Sun, February 27th

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