When I Dip, You Dip


When I Dip, You Dip

Registration for the 2013 Reebok Strength & Conditioning Games starts January 30th! 

We will be hosting the Open WODs every Saturday when they begin!

WOD for Tuesday 121112 Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Clean Pulls – 100% 1RM                  
Clean – 80% 1RM                   
AMRAP in 8 minutes:
8 Ring Dips
16 KB Swings (70/52)

Post Clean Loads and Workout Rounds to Comments
For the strength segment, first perform 5 sets of double rep Clean Pulls at 100% of your Clean 1RM.  Once you’ve completed these sets, lower the load to 80% of your Clean 1RM and perform 10 reps of a Clean from the floor.  Receive the bar in a full front squat. These are for technique, rather than for PRs.  In fact, you should not be missing many reps due to heavy load.  Rest roughly 1-2 minutes between attempts. 

For the conditioning workout, sub bar or parallette dips or ring pushups as necessary.  You should be performing any reps with full ROM.  KB Swings are American (ie, overhead).

Jeff Martone on the American KB Swing