WOD for 022719


WOD for 022719

Skill: Split Jerk Footwork

Strength: Clean and Jerk (15 Mins)

Clean and Jerk:

3×1 @ 80%

-Build up in weight across 4-5 sets to get to 80%.. then stay there for 3 GREAT singles-


For Time, with a Partner! (20 Min Cap)

-Row 2K (split however)-


Trading Rounds Until 12 Rounds are complete as a team-

7 Power Cleans

12 OH Lunge

5 Burpees OTB

L1: 135/95, BFB

L2: 95/65, BFB

L3: 75/55, Row 1,500m, Lateral Burpee

L4: DB Lunge, Row 1,250m, Regular Burpees