WOD for 030618


WOD for 030618

Hang Snatch

12-min EMOM:
1 Hang Snatch
*Pick a starting weight and increase based on your level.
*Once you work up to 85% work back down the jumps depending on level
*Until you reach your starting weight again-Then work your way back up until 12-mins is up

L1: Jump 10lbs
L2 & 3: Jump 5lbs
L4: Pick a weight and keep it through the EMOM (Increase weight if it feels good)

2 Rounds, 6-minutes each for reps
2-mins, 1 Power Snatch (+) 2 Hang Snatches= (1 Rep)
2-min, Bar over Burpees
2-min, Bike or Row
~2:00 Rest between Rounds~ (1 Round= 6-mins)

L1: 20/14, 135/95, BFB
L2: 20/14, 95/65, BOB
L3: 14/12, 75/55, BOB
L4: 12/10, DB Snatches (No Complex), Reg Burpees