WOD for 060818- TEST DAY!


WOD for 060818- TEST DAY!

Core Conditioning

2 Rounds

360 Planks (10-sec in each section)

0:30 Arch/superman Hold

0:30 Hollow Rock Hold


Athletic Enhancement

3 Rounds for Quality – 10 Minutes

10 Back Squats (Select weight that allows you to go Unbroken)

5 “High” Box Jumps

(Rest as Needed)


Test Day!

*In Order and with a Judge*

  • Test 1: Max Number of Strict Pull-ups (Unbroken all the way down “Dead Hang”)

*Sub for Strict Pullups will be Max Unbroken Ring Rows w/ feet directly below rings… enjoy that pump


  • Test 2: Max Set of Unbroken Wall Balls (ALL REPS MUST BE BELOW PARALLEL)

*Make a note of which wallball and target you use


  • Test 3: 1 Mile Run

*You know what it is 😉