WOD for 081019


WOD for 081019

Saturday August 10th 2019

Today’s workout is mostly teams of 2… but for the first part we are going to have you join forces with your other favorite two people in the class to complete a little bit of runnin’ 

Teams of 4!

4×400 meter Relay (12 Min Cap)

EMOTM (Including Min 0): 15 Air Squats

-1 Person from each team sprints a 400… 

Everyone still inside will complete 15 Air Squats on the minute.

-A handtag is required to swap out relay runners.

-If your transition occurs during the top of the minute.. The athlete leaving to run  must still complete 15 air squats before the next athlete may run their 400 

-Rest 3:00-

Teams of 2:

Against 10 Mins…

3 Rounds, Trading Movements

15/12 Cal Row

40 Foot Single Arm DB Lunge

7 ea/Side Single Arm DB S2OH

Comp: 21/18 Cals, OH Lunge (70/50)

Fitness: 15/12 Cal Row, OH or Front Rack (50/35)

GPP: 15/12 Cal Row, DB Front Rack (35/25)

Health: 12/9 Cal Row, DB Goblet or Body weight lunge, (20/15)

-Rest 3:00-

Within 7 Mins…

50 Burpees

Max Reps in Remaining Time: Cleans or Deadlifts

Clean Weights: 

Comp: 255/175, Burpees to 6 in Target

Fitness: 205/145, Burpees

GPP: 135/95, Burpees

Health: Hang Power Cleans in Sets of 5, Burpees

Deadlift Weights:

Comp: 405/275, Burpees to 6 in Target

Fitness: 275/185, Burpees

GPP: 185/135, Burpees

Health: 135/95, Burpees