WOD for 082619


WOD for 082619

Skill: Dip and Drive in the Push Press

Strength: Strict Chinups + DB Rows (15 Mins)

4 sets:

5-8 Chinups (add weight or bands as needed)


6 Heavy DB Rows on each arm

Rest 2:00 b/w sets


Every 3 min x 5 rounds

7 UB Push Press (heavy weight for all sets)(try out 65-70% and see how that feels)

Run 200 Meters

5 Lateral Over the Bar Burpees

*Looking for some fast runs here… They need to be at 85%+ effort

*Scale the run so that it can be completed under 60 secs every single set

Cooldown/Shoulder Maintenance:

2-3 sets:

Walk 100 meters

8 Cuban Press (2.5-5lb plates)

12-15 Band Pull Aparts