WOD for 091719


WOD for 091719

Strength: Bench Press + Chinups (12 Mins)


Building to a Tough Set of 3

*Complete 5-10 Strict Chinups after each set


Rowing + Pushup Intervals (20 Mins)

In Teams of 2.. trading full rounds back and forth

Work until both Partners complete 5 rounds each (10 Rounds Total)

Row 250/200 Meters

“Big Set” of Unbroken Pushups (on plates)

-“Big Set”= try to stop 3 reps short of failure…

Score= Time + Total number of pushups completed as a team.

Comp: Strict Ring Dips

Fitness: Pushups on 45lbs plate.. standard is elbow above the shoulder at the bottom

GPP: Modified pushups (try to get at least 10 reps each set)

Health: Modified Pushups (Row 200/150 Meters)