WOD for 092519


WOD for 092519

Strength: Push Press w/ Eccentric (12 Mins)

*All weights based off of Strict Press Max

All sets performed with a 41X0 Tempo

1×8 @ 75%

1×8@ 80%

2×8 @ 85%

More Strength: Shoulder/Tricep Strength + Core

Every 4 Mins x 4 sets

6-8 each Single Arm Seated DB Press

15-20 Banded Tricep Extensions

:20-:30 Plank Variation (see Options below)

10-20 Seated Leg Lifts Over Object

Plank Variations:

Single Arm Ring Plank

Ring Plank

Ring Support Hold

Front Leaning Rest

Leg Lifts: Choose the single or double leg variation