WOD for 121717


WOD for 121717

Segment 1 (group warmup):
Duck Walk Tag
Play tag but members have to move around by duck walking.
Keep the time short (1-2 mins) between changing the tagger

Segment 2:
“Pet Rock”, with a partner
For time:
400m run
125 abmat sit ups
100 push ups
75 pull ups
50 ring dips
400m run

*For this WOD you will have a PET ROCK, 70/52lbs. One person works, one person rests (but holds onto Pet Rock). The Pet Rock doesnt like to be dropped, so if you drop it or place it on the ground, both athletes get 10 Burpees on the spot. You can hold Pet Rock any way other than lying down (get creative!)

Segment 3:
4 Rounds, Not for time
Romanian Deadlift x 6 reps
KB one arm high pull x 6 reps
Single leg slow box step ups x 10 reps each leg