WOD for 122717


WOD for 122717

Segment 1 (warmup):
Arm Circles
Twisted Crosses
With two 2.5lb plates
10 90/90s
10 Bent over flys
10 Strict Press with plates on palms facing up

Mountain Climbers (R/L=1)
Knee Push-ups
Reach Backs (Standing wide legs, reach between legs then overhead)

Segment 2:
3 RNFT (15 Minute Limit)
5-10 Reps Ring Dips (Ring Pushups/Bar/Pushups)
10-20 sec Parallette L- Sit Hold
1-3 Wall Walks
10-30 sec Wall Facing HS Hold

Segment 3:
For Time:
As a Team of 2:
Row 2,000 meters
Switch rowers every 250 Meters
*While 1 partner is rowing, the other partner performs a double KB Front Rack hold (52/35)
Meters only accrue while KB’s are in position.
*12 Minute Cap *