Barbarians At The Gate


Barbarians At The Gate

WOD for Tuesday 121812Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Front Squat
10 sets of 2 reps at 75% 1RM
For Time:
30 Overhead Squat (95/65)
7 Muscle Ups
20 Overhead Squat
5 Muscle Ups

Post Front Squat Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the Front Squat, after warming up set the bar to 75% of your 1RM and perform 10 sets of 2 reps.  Rest no more than 1 minute between sets.  

For the conditioning workout, take the Overhead Squat bar from the floor.  Be aware of your surroundings.  If you can’t do RX Muscle Ups, use jumping MUs or 3:1 Ring or Bar Dips.

Barbarian Muscle Ups