“Bet”ter “Of”f Dead


“Bet”ter “Of”f Dead

It’s Coach’s Challenge Week!
All of the Metcons this week (Mon-Sun) were designed by our Coaches. 
Does anyone scare you?     

WOD for Monday 102510 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 

3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m w/Sandbag (50/25)
20 Pushups
10 Burpees

Post Snatch Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do 15 single rep Snatch attempts.  Progressively add weight up to a comfortable “working” weight.  You should not be missing more than 3 or 4 attempts.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Snatches should be received in a full overhead squat position.

This Metcon comes from Coach Allison!  Pushups should be done with a hand release in the bottom position.  Burpees should be done under the pullup bar or rings and the jump should be to a point 6″ over your standing reach.   

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm!
3 Rounds
Rest 2 min
3 Rounds
Rest 2 minutes

Upcoming Bootcamps Starting November 8th – SAVE 10% before 10/31
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @6:15am)
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @7:15am)
Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp (M/W/F @6:00pm)
Weight Loss Bootcamp (M/W/F @7:00pm)

Upcoming Events
Strength & Conditioning Gymnastics Certification – Sat/Sun, December 4/5
Carolina Fitness Challenge – Sat, December 11
Strength & Conditioning Rowing Foundations Certification – Saturday, January 15

Can you identify any of these Strength & Conditioningters?