CFD Workout for 8/18/2020


CFD Workout for 8/18/2020

Warm up:

5 minutes moving consistently through:

5 Hip Extension drills on floor (lay on back, tuck knees to chest, violent extension into glute bridge position)

10 Reach Backs

10 Alternating walk the dog

:20 Jog in place

Conditioning: (22 mins)

4 Sets:

Within 4 minutes complete:

750/600m Row

20 Russian KBS

20 WTD Overhead Situps


rest 2:00 b/w sets

Cardio Options:

Bike x 30/22 Cals

Run 600m

These intervals are going to be tight.. that’s why there are 2:00 of rest plugged after each round. 


20 alt. Cobra Twists

1:00 ea/Pigeon Pose