CFD workout for 04/13/20


CFD workout for 04/13/20

Whiteboard Brief:

A)Warm Up:

2 Rounds
10 Reach backs
8 Face down twisted crosses
6 Alt plank shoulder taps
4 Knee push-ups
6 Air squats
8 Alt Lunges
10 Up downs

B) Barbell Gymnastics (12 Mins)

With a PVC pipe or broom handle..
EMOTM x 4 Mins
5 Snatch Grip DL to above knee (hold for 2 secs above knee)
EMOTM x 4 Mins
7 High Pulls from Power Position
EMOTM x 4 Mins
5 Tempo OHS (3131)

C) Core (12 Mins)

Tabata Core Flow: 6 mins
:20 at each, :10 to transition (4 sets of each hold)
Middle Plank
Right Side Plank
Left Side Plank

rest 2:00

EMOTM x 4 Mins
3-5 Windmills each side

*Move slow and controlled on these.. the slower the better. If you have a small weight you can hold it overhead.

D) Conditioning:

10 Rounds for time:
5 Push-ups
5 Air Squats
5 KB Swings