CFD Workout for 04/23/20


CFD Workout for 04/23/20

A)Warm Up:

-30 jumping jacks

3 rounds
-10 alternating Toy solider kicks

  • 5 inch worms (no pushup) w/ a twist
  • 10 alt. Walk the dog
  • 5 boot strap squats

2 rounds
-Unweighted single leg deadlifts x 5/side
-12 alternating shoulder taps (slow)

B) Core

Every 2:00 x sets
10 Teapots each side (down SLOW!)
20-30 russian twists

C) Barbell Gymnastics:

“Clean Grip Sotts Press” (6 min cap)
Accumulate 30 reps of the Sotts Press-

*Only squat as low as low as you can and still maintain flat fleet and an upright torso. Bar must be pressed vertically, not 2 feet out in front of you.

If you can not do this with a pvc pipe then try single arm (with or without weight)

If that is not doable then complete 20 each side of the “Half Kneeling Press”

D) Conditioning:

5 Rounds for Time (13 Min Cap)
10 DB DL
6 Devils Press
50 Double Unders or Jumping Jacks or Mountain Climbers